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Holistic methods of healing call for holistic method of diagnosis!

AMSAT is the best available tool in non invasive diagnostics.

AMSAT based on 3-minute assessment of temporary electrical parametersrepresentative of reflexogenic bioactive skin zones, give us indirectinformation about the functional status or relevant organs and internalsystems. This information is provided by computer graphics application andgive us a comparative study of the patients clinical picture and normal stateof the given organ inclusive the degree of deviation.

Features of AMSAT System:

- Qualitative assessment of functional condition of organism in form of phantom analysis (phantom - images of relevant system of organs), up to two years prior to the appearance of symptoms.

- Control of efficiency of results achieved by various therapeutic methods, especially microwave resonance therapy.

- Analysis of the dynamic changes of the functional status of the body during the therapy.

- Establishing the primary source of the functional disorder.

- Monitoring training and rehabilitation process in sportsman after injuriesAMSAT diagnostic provides us with the optimal and continuous technological healing cycle: diagnostics - therapy - diagnostics, thus maximising both the procedures and results of healing process. As a preventive medical tool it can detect a disorder up to two years before the manifest symptoms appear.Basic principle of operation of AMSAT is measurement of the electric parameters of the biologically active skin zones which contain information about the status of relative organs and tissues.Electrical test performed on patients body is absolutely harmless and does not affect subject health.